List of Non-Immigrant Visas

Jun 16, 2024By Steven Fraser
Steven Fraser

List of Non-Immigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visa categories are designated by the letter of the subparagraph of the Jaw that describes each type on nonimmigrant. These are found in INA § !OJ (a){l 5). For example, tourist visas are known as "B" visas because they are described in JNA § 10l(a)(15)(B). The nonimmigrant visa categories most commonly processed  are in bold type.

(A)  Diplomat

(B)  Temporary Visitor (Business-B-1; Tourist- B-2)

(C)   Continuous Transit

(D)  Alien Crewman

(E)   Treaty Trader and Investors

(F)   Student

(G)  International Organization Representative

(H) Temporary Workers and Nurses (Agricultural Workers- H-2A)

(I)     Foreign Media and Press

(J)     Exchange Visitors (Professor, Scholar, Researcher, Specialist)

(K) Fiance(e) and spouse

(L)   Corporate Executive (M)Vocational Study

(N) Family Members of Special Immigrants

(0) Extraordinary Abilities in Arts & Sciences

(P)   Entertainers, Performers & Athletes

(Q)   International Cultural Exchange

(R)  Member of Religious or Non-Profit Organization

(S)   Witness in a Criminal Investigation (NATO) NATO Officials and Employees

(V) Spouses and Children of Lawful Permanent Residents

(T)  Victims of Trafficking

(U)   Victim or Informant concerning Certain Crimes

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